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Why Choose Us

At Florey Farms, our mission is to cultivate and provide the freshest, highest quality microgreens to our local community. We are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, ensuring that our microgreens are not only nutritious but also grown with respect for the planet.

Our goal is to promote health and wellness by offering an array of vibrant, flavorful microgreens that are packed with the nutrients our body needs to flourish. We strive to educate our customers about the numerous health benefits of microgreens, inspiring them to incorporate these powerhouse plants into their daily lives.

Unlike some grocery store produce, our microgreens are grown without the use of any pesticides and preservatives. We harvest our microgreens at the peak of freshness, and deliver them to your door within 24 hours of harvesting, ensuring maximum nutrient content and flavor.

We strive to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of our community through the production and distribution of the highest quality microgreens. Try our product today and watch you and your family flourish with Florey Farms.

About Us

Florey Farms was founded by two college roommates who share a passion for maximizing their health and well-being. We stumbled across the health benefits that microgreens have online, and after reading through various studies about the topic, we decided to grow microgreens for our own personal use. Naturally, our passion for microgreens spilled over into our social lives, and we found ourselves growing microgreens for our family and friends so they too could experience the same benefits we have. Today, we are proud to share our love for microgreens with our community, offering you a taste of the vibrant and nutrient-rich harvest that started as a personal journey.


Farmer’s Market Co-operative of East Liberty

5am-12pm every saturday all year round

The Farmers Market at The Block Northway

Every friday 3pm-6pm June through September

PITT Farmers Market

Thursdays 10:30am-2:00pm (August-November)

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