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Flourish Pack

Our Flourish Pack contains an exquisite fusion of 2oz each of Pea, Radish, Broccoli microgreens, and a surprise variety that changes every week. Indulge in their abundant health benefits as these tiny greens are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and immune-boosting properties. With high fiber content aiding digestion and heart-friendly attributes supporting cardiovascular health, these low-calorie greens are perfect for weight management. Unleash their versatility and delectable flavors in salads, smoothies, and an array of dishes.


Consuming pea microgreens can be an excellent way to support your overall well-being. These greens offer a delightful and subtly sweet flavor that adds a pleasant touch to your culinary creations. They are rich in vitamin C, which boosts your immune system and aids in collagen production for healthy skin. These microgreens are also a great source of vitamin A, promoting good vision and a strong immune system. Additionally, they contain folate, a crucial nutrient for cell growth and development. What sets pea microgreens apart is their high fiber content, aiding digestion and maintaining a healthy gut. Moreover, these microgreens are low in calories and high in protein, making them an ideal addition to a balanced diet. Whether you’re looking to enhance your immune system, promote healthy skin, or support your overall well-being, incorporating pea microgreens into your meals is a flavorful and rewarding choice.


Broccoli microgreens offer a robust and earthy as well as a remarkable concentration of health benefits, particularly due to their abundant sulforaphane content. Sulforaphane has been extensively studied for its incredible health-promoting properties. Consuming broccoli microgreens provides a concentrated dose of sulforaphane, which acts as a powerful antioxidant and aids in detoxification, supporting the body’s natural defense against harmful free radicals. Sulforaphane has also been linked to potential anti-inflammatory effects, which can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and support overall well-being. Notably, sulforaphane has been found to promote healthy cellular function and DNA repair, bolstering the body’s natural defenses against oxidative stress. Moreover, research suggests that sulforaphane may have anticancer properties, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and supporting the body’s ability to fight against certain types of cancer. Incorporating broccoli microgreens into your diet allows you to harness the incredible benefits of sulforaphane in a convenient and delicious way, providing a nutritional boost that can contribute to your long-term health and well-being.


Radish microgreens are known for their distinct peppery flavor, adding a zesty kick to salads, sandwiches, and various other culinary creations. Beyond their delightful taste, these microgreens are a nutritional powerhouse. They are an excellent source of vitamin C, providing a boost to your immune system and promoting collagen production for healthy skin. Radish microgreens are also rich in essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, and iron, contributing to strong bones, balanced electrolytes, and healthy blood circulation. Moreover, they are packed with antioxidants, including vitamins A and E, which help protect cells from oxidative stress and support overall well-being. These greens are also a great source of dietary fiber, aiding digestion and promoting a healthy gut. With their enticing flavor profile and an abundance of beneficial nutrients, incorporating radish microgreens into your meals not only adds a vibrant touch to your plate but also enhances your overall health and vitality.

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